How to get more Followers on your Social Media Fan-Page



Social Media Marketing is an effective way of creating awareness for your brand or business to prospective customers. All you have to do is, find who is interested in your brand, products or services and target them. What better way of building a mass network of potential customers. However, if your Social Media fan following isn’t growing the way you would like it to, maybe there is something missing in your Social Media Profile.

Here at Social Web Media, a Mumbai based Social media company suggests what every social media page should have:

‘Completely’ Fill Out Your Social Media Profile
Many companies fail to fill out their complete profile information. Remember, if you want to gain more followers, you have to make your profile interesting and has to be filled with detailed information about your brand. Simply placing the product or service your company is promoting is not enough. People want to know more about you ‘the person’ first then more about your brand / company. First impression counts, especially when it comes to having a Facebook fan page or a Twitter account. If you don’t immediately capture the attention of your audience, they will get bored and leave / unlike / unfollow your page.

Have an Interesting Display Picture to your Social Media Profile.
The most important thing that many companies miss out on is having a neatly done Display Picture. The Display Picture you put on your fan page plays a very important role, as that’s the first thing a user would see which has to be unique and different from other pages/brands. It has to talk about your brand at a large but at the same time you’ve goto keep changing it from time to time to keep your page looking fresh and up-to-date.

Post Content that Connects
Most brands and businesses think since Social Media is a free platform and they have potential people / customers who either like their Facebook fan page or follow them on Twitter, they can directly market their products they want to sell. The most important thing for any brand who wants to be on Social Media is to understand that having potential target audience to like / follow your page and keeping them engaged with you on Social Media on a regular basis are 2 different things and the latter is the most important one. Your potential customers / fans would only be able to engage or communicate with you on Social Media if the content you publish connects with them directly or indirectly. It is very important for a brand to understand the user behavior and level of engagement on the type of content they publish as the one which does not call much traction from your fans should be changed over the period of time. Your engagement levels with your fans would identify the success of your Social Media presence.

Short Term and long Term Engagements
Along with the type of content you publish on your fan page, ST and LT are equally important to keep your users engaged with you on Social Media. Here ST is Short Term Engagement where you are throwing open questions to your fans to participate in the conversation and throw their point of view, this if effectively used can be used to your brands benefits. LT is for Long Term Engagements where you can conduct contests which calls for the users to participate, an ideal duration of a LTE would be around 15 days which towards the end also have to call for some gratification for the users who participated in the contest.

Acknowledge your users views or feedback
Most of us like to be heard when we talk to our friends and we ignore the ones who ignore us, same can happen with your brand on Social Media if you are not listening to your fans / followers. Remember, Social Media is two way conversations unlike any conventional media; so if your fans are putting their views / feedbacks about your products or services may it be positive or negative don’t IGNORE it. That’s the last things you might want to do as if you’re not listening, especially the negative comments that user / fan would start shouting as we call it on Social Media which can be very embarrassing for you as a brand. Acknowledgement at the first place can work as a pacifier and later the situation should be handled personally offline.

Other Important Thing that can influence the numbers is

Social Media Widget (Facebook / Twitter)
One great tool to use that can be added to your company website, blog or article which is freely available. Simply add this tool to your website, articles and blog posts and if your readers enjoy reading your post, they can like your fan page and link it to their own web page or Social Network. When their friends and followers see link where your content exists, this is how more visitors start to trickle in to your Social Media fan page or the website whichever is linked to the content. Many businesses have gained a following of hundreds of new visitors just by adding these free widgets to their websites or blogs.

Social Media is free, but managing your Social Media presence surely calls for a team of professional or an agency who can handle the entire Social Media Space for your Brand.

Mumbai Bombed, Yet Again!!

Below is my letter of Thanks to the Prime Minister and all those who have contributed to make my house what it is today. A house full of terror, a house full of fear and a house where my family cannot move, breathe or eat safely.

Thank you Mr. Prime Minister:

1. You hiked the prices over all the necessary commodities of our day to day life, making lives of hundreds and thousand of people even more miserable than it was ever before. You feel proud to say that we are a developing nation, please ask yourself that by hiking prices are you actually developing or destroying the Nation even more?

2. Where our security is concerned u still did not do anything at all, and your own ministers say that there has been no attacks on India for the past 31 months and that is commendable? So were we expecting more attacks to happen in these last 31 months which because it did not happen now seems to be an achievement of our National Security Team? However; our dear minister also mentioned there was only one attack @ Pune in Feb 2011, which brings the equation to 16 months and not 31.

3. Our taxes are used to feed Kasab and a whole lot of politicians

throughout the country, & our country men are Bombed @ Khao Galli. Now your ATS chief says we would get you the guilty, my question is “get the guilty” and do what? I guess they would also get the 5 star treatment that Kasab is getting till date, isnt it? Terrorists inside the jail are much safer than our countrymen outside. After everything is done and so many innocent people dead, whats the use of getting the guilty when at the first place our Intelligence Team failed to get a single tip about what was going to happen, is it that because there were no terrorist attacks for the past 31 months (which is a lie, its 16 months) our intelligence and all the others involved were too complacent with the security against the terrorists?  

4. Three years ago Kasab was caught on Cameras red handed what else do we have to prove to hang him? but my countrymen are killed every time there is an explosion either within the country or on the borders of the country. Terrorists have been sitting and enjoying in our country for the past so many years, may it be Kashmir or any other part of the country. Why can’t we go ahead and do what the US did to take care of the ones who had ruined the lives of their citizens? It’s not that our ARMY is not ready to attack and take the entire terrorist nation by storm, its the POLITICIANS who are scared; “not of loosing the battle as it would make no difference to them, but the fear is of loosing their seats to the opposition who is no better than any other political party”.

Does any of the Ministers have any balls to act against terrorist organization or they will be like rats in holes while innocent people die like this every time some Motherfucker plants a bomb in my house?

Social Media Marketing. Leave it out of your marketing strategy and you’ll get left behind by your competitors

Social Media is a fundamental shift in the new way we communicate, it has changed the way Brands communicate with their consumers and influencers. Today very few companies know and talk about Social Media in India, but my belief is that eventually companies would have to adapt themselves into this reality and “Companies who would leave Social Media Marketing out of their strategy would be left behind by their competitors”.

I decided to be a part of Social Media about a year and a half back, been actively involved in making Social Media strategies and executing them for the last 6 months or so.

The best part about Social Media Marketing is that Brands can get that Human Element – that emotional connect with their consumers into their marketing strategies which the conventional marketing cannot get, and this fascinated me even more in to the world of Social Media.

Brands can connect with their existing and future clients through Social Media, it gives the empowerment to its customers to tweet or post update and ask questions, post a compliment or a complaint and the brand would answer back  almost real-time.

A  good example of how brands who are on Social Media are more conscious about their reputation online.

Last week i was at a famous 5 star hotel  for my cousins wedding reception, when we arrived we had a certain level of expectation in terms of service for the reputation that place had. Unfortunately though this time around our expectations were not met to a satisfactory level and i immediately grabbed my friends phone and posted a complaint on their Facebook page, to our surprise we got a response within a few minutes and a few minutes later the shift Manager arrived to sort out our concern. The experience we had thereafter was over whelming and we all left happy and full.

Lesson: “They didn’t solve our problem online, they took it offline with us and wowed us with the good old fashioned customer service”. Remember, we all are on Social media to connect and re-connect, sometimes its going to be good and at times it can be bad. Be prepared and be willing to acknowledge your mistakes, fix problems and help your customers. That would make your customer happy and that’s what every business should do. It doesn’t matter if your business is B2B or B2C, we all have customers and we all are customers.

Going back, If you don’t have a Social Media strategy in place for your business, you would be left behind by your competitors who have one. Social Media cannot replace the traditional media completely, but it helps to enhance and connect to your customers in a way you’ve never been able to connect before.

So go out there, and start connecting…


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